A wooden pile of wooden boxes can catch fire when exposed to heat or shot circuit, igniting wood; if there are flammable substances close by, it could be a catastrophic event in the warehouse or place where it is stored. It is crucial to stop the fire before it can ignite other stored objects. This scenario helps react to dangerous events with less reaction time and accuracy on the procedure to extinguish the fire.   


Primitive Measures:

  • Sound the fire alarm to notify the authorities and other departments nearby.
  • Choose a suitable extinguisher for extinguishing wooden boxes or pile on fire.


Benefits Of Training: 

  • Raise awareness to react & extinguish the fire on wooden boxes or piles before reaching a significant part of the stored place. 
  • A company should provide with every suitable type of fire extinguishers in working premises.
  • Virtual training experience can be delivered right at the worksite, saving time and transportation costs.
  • All the resources could be used while Training can be saved (electricity, fuel, machinery).
  • The training data can be helpful for the company's internal growth and operational productivity.
  • Fire in wooden stock Interactive learning helps in Training & experience that is mind capturing, and the person who is Training will never forget the objectives of those scenarios.
  • Fire in wooden stock Interactive learning helps create an engaging experience that the individual cannot forget in a short period.
  • By practising a scenario multiple times and succeeding will result in makes the person un-forgettable about the procedure.
  • Experience with virtual danger only to face real-life risk with most confidence which will help solve the problem at the spot.
  • A well-taught teaching method can improve & retain the knowledge of the learner.
  • Fire in wooden stock Interactive learning helps in reducing the training time of an employee.



Required Equipment: 

  • OCULUS QUEST (VR-ready PC not needed).
  • VR ready PC - OCULUS RIFT.
  • High-Speed Broadband connection.